Dock Boxes - Model Type : DB-72

Dock Boxes Model DB-72

Outside Dimensions (in inches)

Model Height Length Width Depth Weight
DB-72 N/A 72-1/4 24 24-3/4 90 lbs

Inside Dimensions (in inches)

Model Height Length Width Depth
DB-72 N/A 70 22-1/4 24-1/8

NOTES: Fiberglass cabinet for storing marine and fishing equipment. Durable construction, these marine equipment lockers will not rust or deteriorate like metal cabinets will. The marine equipment lockers will hold all brands of flotations devices. Large opening for easy entry and access, they offer excellent protection from the elements.

Dock Boxes - Model Type : DB Series

Dock Boxes Model DB Series

Outside Dimensions (in inches)

Model Height Length Width Depth Weight
DB-2 N/A 37-1/2 25-1/2 24-3/4 58 lbs
DB-3 N/A 48-3/4 25-1/4 18-3/4 60 lbs
DB-4 N/A 48-3/4 36-1/2 25-1/4 125 lbs

Inside Dimensions (in inches)

Model Height Length Width Depth
DB-2 N/A 34-1/2 23 23-1/2
DB-3 N/A 46 22-1/2 17-1/2
DB-4 N/A 46 33-1/2 23-3/4

NOTES: The Thomas Products Inc., Dock Box series offers superior protection and design. This marine equipment cabinet is your solution to store all life saving and marine equipment. The durable fiberglass design gives you the best performance under environmental extremes and outlasts all other cabinet materials for boating conditions.

Dock Boxes - Model Type : DB-5R

Dock Boxes Model DB-5R

Outside Dimensions (in inches)

Model Height Length Width Depth Weight
DB-5R N/A 35-1/2 51-1/8 31-1/2 80 lbs

Inside Dimensions (in inches)

Model Height Length Width Depth
DB-5R N/A 34-1/4 50 30

NOTES: The DB-5R marine equipment locker is our newest model in our line boating and marine equipment cabinets. The rounded top discourages the storing of items atop the locker. A virtually air-tight enclosure, our fiberglass marine equipment lockers will withstand the demands of the environment while protecting the contents from the harsh elements.

Fiberglass Dock Boxes for Safe Storage

Living, working, and playing on the water come with risks, so you always want to keep your lifesaving equipment close at hand. However, it would be a disaster if your equipment fails when you need it most due to exposure damage. Protect your gear with one of the fiberglass dock boxes made by Thomas Products, Inc.

Our dock boxes, battery boxes, and other products are specially designed to protect all types of dock-side equipment. We manufacture our containers with fiberglass and other high-quality materials to shield life jackets, life rings, life preservers, flotation devices, and more from damaging elements. With our products in place, you can stress less about harsh UV rays, chemicals, moisture, dust, salt air, insects, and temperature extremes and enjoy the water more.

Designed to Protect

Our fiberglass cabinets, fiberglass dock boxes, fiberglass battery boxes, and other products are manufactured under U.S. Patent No. 4,998,587. They come in a variety of UV-inhibiting colors, as well as interiors designed to meet your specifications.

Their rugged and durable construction creates a dependable and virtually air-tight enclosure that will last much longer than steel, wood, aluminum, or plastic cabinets. Plus, our dock boxes can be pier mounted, attached to bulkheads, or designed to be free-standing. Contact us to learn more about any of the dock box designs seen here or our other products.

Our Dock Boxes’ Leading Advantage

Fiberglass dock boxes are the ultimate solution for storage equipment. We have established a successful reputation for top-quality containers that provide optimum protection for anything inside them. The most noticeable qualities of our boxes include the following:

Durable—Fiberglass is a long-lasting, sturdy material capable of withstanding harsh impacts and protecting the gear inside. Our containers are manufactured to last a lifetime and are easy to repair, even if damaged.

Lightweight—Due to their light structure, empty fiberglass boxes can easily be moved anywhere. Even though fiberglass is lightweight, it has high-resistance capabilities and can carry much weight without breaking.

Water & Weather Resistant—A significant advantage of fiberglass is that it resists harsh marine conditions such as saltwater, rain, and wind. Our boxes keep equipment dry and intact during the stormiest weather.

Keeping Your Gear Dry

Our containers are the perfect storage solution for all boating and marine supplies. With our dock boxes, you can keep your supplies and gear organized in one place. From fishing and water gear to emergency and boat supplies, our products store any equipment. These dock boxes are manufactured with high-quality materials that keep everything safe and dry.

Order our fiberglass dock boxes today to ensure your equipment is well-protected in marine settings.